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Education at Kemerovo State Medical University for foreign students
Admission and education under the 6 year specialty program
"General Medicine"
Your educational program and the number of clinical disciplines you study

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Your invitation, visa, medical certificates and other documents
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Terms and conditions of admission in the 2023-2024 academic year

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"Kemerovo State Medical University",

Ministry of Healthcare, RF

is a Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education. This means that the training program meets the state standard in the field of higher education and all learning conditions are strictly controlled.

Why do you choose Us?
  • 1
    Education program
    studying in the international community allows you to acquire wide professional contacts
  • 2
    Cost of education
    our University provides the lowest tuition fees for the General Medicine program in Siberia
  • 3
    Our partners are all clinical hospitals and medical centers in the city
    you get practice here in all clinical hospitals and medical centers of the city
  • 4
    Broad horizons
    you will gain fundamental knowledge that will allow you to understand and describe all the processes of the human body, regardless of your future medical specialty
  • 5
    Kemerovo is a green city for a comfortable stay
    you get enough space for extra-curricular and sports activities
  • 6
    You gain the advantage that will allow you to find a job position affiliated with the tourism industry in the future
    you are studying Russian in the context of professional education, this is the CLIL approach in education, which is one of the most modern trends in language learning
What students enrolled in this educational program say?
"Kemerovo state medical university gave me the opportunity to follow my dream that I was not able to accomplish in my own country, that was to be a doctor. Now it`s been 5 years since I started my medical studies here and I am really satisfied with the studies, I really enjoy studying here and learning about the Russian culture."
Singh Gaurav
Fifth year student
"I am Sachin, student of the sixth year, and all these four years at university have been quite good for me , I learned so many new things and all members of university have been good and always helped me when i was in trouble and I hope the same thing will be in future .
The city Kemerovo is very beautiful, I have visited almost all places and there are many beautiful parks,statues and old story buildings.
I decided to study exactly in this university because it is economical to study here.
The only thing that is difficult for me is to bear the cold weather, it's too cold. Except for this, everything is completely okay and a student can easily and calmly study here."
Mahariya Sachin
Sixth year student
"My name is Moursi Alamer Alaa Elden and I am a medical
student at Kemerovo State Medical University.
I chose to study here because I wanted to fulfil my dream
of studying medicine and to learn about the cultures of
other countries, especially Russia. I chose this university
specifically after reading about it on the Internet also
asked some of my friends who are already studying in
different cities in Russia. And when I came, I saw really great
interest in students, from helpful teachers and
supervisors in all matters."
Moursi Alamer Alaa Elden
third year student
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